Q:  How do I inquire about membership?

A:  You can apply to become a member of ALIX on-line at by completing the 'Membership Application’ form. Our Membership Committee will then review your application and get back to you within five business days. As noted on the application, we may be in contact with additional questions or request a time for an interview.

Q:  What are the criteria to becoming a member?

A:  Like any membership organization, ALIX has attracted members through invitation, word of mouth and member referral . In addition to requiring valid credit card information, ALIX aims to assemble a diverse group of members affiliated with a wide variety of industries, including finance, science, the arts, manufacturing, etc.  ALIX also wishes to ensure potential members understand the value of the ALIX offering and will make proper and active use of the access provided through membership.

Q:  What are the ALIX business hours?

A:      Customer Service:  9:00AM – 6:00PM EST Monday - Friday

         London Concierge:  9:00AM – 6:00PM GMT Monday – Friday

         New York Concierge: 9:00AM – 6:00PM EST Monday - Friday

         Paris Concierge: 9:00AM – 8:00PM CET 7 Days/week

         San Francisco Concierge: 9:00AM – 6:00PM PST Monday - Friday

Q:  How do I contact ALIX?

A:  Please dial 1-844-FOR-ALIX (367-2549) or see our concierge contact information when you go to each ALIX city. You will be able to access our ALIX concierge in one of two ways:

1.)   Via email. When contacting via email, you will receive an immediate recognition of your message followed by a more specific response to your email requests as soon as possible;

2.)   By calling the ALIX toll free number above. When you call the ALIX number, you will be asked to choose your destination city. Once transferred, our ALIX concierge will answer, or if they are servicing other members, you will be asked to leave a message and they will return your call as soon as possible.

Q:  What happens if I need to reach a concierge outside of normal business hours?

A:  Requests will be acknowledged and handled as promptly as possible. In each of the cities we serve, our locally based concierge will be the primary point of contact and will check voicemail, texts and emails frequently.  In some cases, additional fees will apply if requests need to be managed outside of normal business hours.  Members will be advised of these fees in advance.

Q:  What does my membership fee cover?

A:  Your membership fee includes access to the ALIX locally based concierge, invitations to ALIX curated special events and dinners at The ALIX Table, access to My Time To Dine listings, and comprehensive city guides.  Additional costs will apply when participating in an activity or having a beauty/wellness treatment.  Payment is due at or before the time of service.

Q:  Will I need to pay additional fees to the concierge?

A:  When a request requires significant time and effort (travel arrangements, multi-part experiences, in-depth planning, and the like), additional fees will apply. The concierge will inform you in advance of these fees and will not proceed without written confirmation of your acceptance of the terms.

Q:  How do I book ALIX offerings?

A:  You may book offerings in the following manner:

1.)   Dinners at The ALIX Table and ALIX special experiences:  directly through the ALIX website

2.)   Beauty/Wellness appointments, local transportation, tours, etc., contact our locally based concierges.

3.)   MTTD restaurants:  either directly through links on our website (where available), call the restaurant (information available in each listing), or contact the concierge for assistance.

Q:  What happens if I need to cancel a service or experience?

A:  While we understand that, in some cases, events beyond your control will result in a missed appointment or reservation, we ask that you respect our service partners and provide ample notice for cancellation of scheduled appointments or reserved events.  In many cases, our providers will have stated cancellation policies and you are expected to observe these parameters and pay any penalties, where applicable.  Additionally, due to the small group nature of our curated experiences and dinners at The ALIX Table, ALIX actively manages a waitlist.  We appreciate your understanding and ask for as much time as possible to allow us to rebook an available spot.    

Q:  How will payments be processed?

A:  The ALIX concierge will use the credit card you have provided to bill you for services.  For ALIX special events and dinners at The ALIX Table, you will sign up through Eventbrite links on the ALIX website and payment will be taken during the registration process.   

Q:  Will I receive an itemized statement of services?

A:  ALIX will furnish each member with an itemized statement of services at the end of each month. 

Q:  Is my personal and payment information secure?

A:  Yes, we use encrypted software to house credit card information.  Any personal information reflected in member profiles would only be visible to other ALIX members upon written consent.  This profile may be edited at any time on the ALIX website.  When participating in a dinner at The ALIX Table or special experience, we may ask to share limited personal information with fellow participants.  This will be up to each members’ discretion. Please review our Privacy Policy here.

Q:  How do I handle a customer satisfaction issue? 

A: ALIX takes responsibility for managing relationships with its members and it’s vetted services providers. If there are any problems, members should contact ALIX and we will do our best to resolve any issues that may arise.

Q:  How do I cancel my membership?

AYou may cancel your Membership at any time by providing fourteen (14) days advance written notice to ALIX.  If you cancel your Membership, the pro-rated amount representing the balance of the year will be refunded, less the non-refundable Processing Fee. Termination will take effect at the end of the full calendar month following the month in which you notify ALIX of termination, and a refund will be issued in a timely manner.

Q:  When will ALIX be in other cities?

A:  We are actively researching additional global cities and look forward to including new locations in the ALIX portfolio on a rolling basis over the coming months. Our goal is to be active in approximately 30 cities within the next 5 years.

Q:  How many members will ALIX support?

A: ALIX is dedicated to providing the highest quality services and experiences that specifically reflect the needs of our members.  We will only grow the ALIX member community to a size that still can maintain members’ expectations and the high level of service to which ALIX is committed. 

Q: Will there be member’s only forum in which other members can engage with each other on line?

A: Unlike many other social media resources, ALIX respects the privacy of its members. Many members have expressed diverging opinions on open forums. We will continuously listen to member feedback to determine the appropriate direction. 

Q: If I’m traveling to a city, will I be able to know if other members are there at the same time? What if I would like to meet other members and there is nothing on the calendar when I’m in town?

A: As ALIX is not aware of a member’s travel schedule, our locally based concierge or local staff may be aware of other members who are in a given city based upon engagement with members requiring services. In addition, our locally based staff may have the ability to put together a spontaneous evening with other like minded members or include a members in a last minute experience or event. If we find that there is a growing interest in this type of connectivity, we will create a way in which members can securely share their itinerary.

Q: How does ALIX assess member satisfaction?

A: After you have completed a service or participated in one of our special events, we will contact you with a quick survey to assess your experience. This is a critical step to ensure that ALIX is meeting and exceeding your expectations.

Q: Will there be an ALIX membership card – or will there ever be any requirement to be identified as an ALIX member?

A: Because ALIX wants to keep the size of member events on a more intimate scale, we do not at this time anticipate the need for an ALIX membership card. However, as we grow and develop our partnerships with other luxury brands, we may create a card as a form of member recognition.

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